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ImpacTech provides end-to-end consulting and mentorship services, from strategy to implementation, to help you accelerate change and deliver business outcomes. Our methodologies include skills building and unlimited networking opportunities to help you prepare for future leadership roles. Our development strategy has a proven track record of success in supporting and retaining a pipeline of diverse leaders across a wide range of organisations and disciplines.

Our Support Infrastructure

Our consulting and mentoring processes, which have been implemented in dozens of our startups across many industries and countries, provide best practices and tools to maximize the effectiveness of our mentoring. Mentors and consultants can play a critical role in developing leaders. In fact, many successful leaders point to mentors who helped them along their journeys to bring out the best in them. Through our consulting and mentoring processes, we empower the ones looking for a change.

Our Processes

  • Assessment Phase: Our consulting ensures that your mentorship program starts strong and avoids expensive learning curves. With experience across industries and organisations of all sizes, we help implement best practices with decisive strategies and corporate culture to ensure you accelerate growth and development. We start with an assessment of the client to help identify the individual’s strengths and areas for improvement.
  • Execution Phase: Our consulting and mentoring sessions are dynamic and engaging, to ensure you are effective and have the right tools needed to drive growth. The assessment information is reviewed with the client to understand current strengths and development needs. Goals for the mentorship relationship are set, and the coaching plan is created.
  • Evaluation Phase: The progress is reviewed with the client to determine if goals have been met and whether to move forward with further consultation.

“A leader takes people where they want to go. A great leader takes people where they don’t necessarily want to go, but ought to be”

-Rosalynn Carter


ImpacTech has been selected as Accredited Mentor Partner (AMP) for the Startup SG Founder grant, under Enterprise Singapore. Startup SG Founder provides mentorship support and funding to first-time entrepreneurs with an innovative business idea. The scheme provides up to $50,000 by matching $5 to every $1 raised by the entrepreneur.

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