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About Our Workshops & Startup Bootcamps

ImpacTech workshops and startup bootcamps help to enrich your students and provide them with innovation tools and mindsets. We encourage entrepreneurship in people and prepare students for future challenges. We introduce innovation habits in students by providing tailored workshops & activities that enhance not only their knowledge but the applicability of their studies.

One cannot innovate without knowledge, and just as important is the practical application and effective utilization of that knowledge for creation, innovation, and action. Universities and educational institutions that enhance the students' studies by giving them insights on using their knowledge and creating new and exciting projects, solutions and businesses - provide unique added value.

There are great benefits and insight that great speakers can offer. Our inspiration talks prepare the students for their next challenge, to maximize their success and opportunities after they graduate, locally and globally.

Innovation Bootcamps that Inspire

  • Our innovation bootcamps and workshops are specialized to help ignite the innovation spark within your students, deal with cultural differences and learn new tools & frameworks via different training modules to face real-life innovation challenges. We help your students come up with ideas to find new & sustainable sources of profit.
  • Our Workshops consist of the best practices and mindsets used by successful entrepreneurs to apply in the complexity of their company to create successful startups.
  • Workshops include unleashing your creativity, design thinking methodologies, startup AI tools, strategies and financials.
  • We provide dynamic public speaking services on entrepreneurship and motivational keynotes to aspire audiences.

Leverage more, create more options and opportunities, and spark internal innovation.

Entrepreneurship Bootcamps & Talks In Action

“A man's mind, stretched by new ideas, may never return to its original dimensions.”

-Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr.

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