TCEB MICE Acceleration Program

Impactech is excited to kick off the TCEB MICE Acceleration Program in Bangkok, Thailand for 8 selected startups.

The program will consist of 16 modules, personal mentorship, introduction to local and global investors and high profile demo day. The program will engage with many stakeholders in the MICE industry in Thailand.Good luck to our 8 startups embarking on this journey:

1) KORBOK is traveller feedback platform we help organiser producer get real feedback and turn data to traveller insight for improve service experience amaze.

2) BIT service business for manufacturing and organization tourism with lean vision. Both party (Manufacturing and Tourism) will gain their maximum benefit by the team’s management.

3) Loops – Reserve your ride to concert is a vanpooling platform that everyone can suggest their own route and let others join in to make that route happen.

4) Mindstree App – a business toolkit for Community-based Tourism (CBT) consisting of data from over 300+ CBTs. Information such as activities, tour itineraries, homestay, meeting facilities etc.

5) Parkspace Application will let you know immediately the parking space that is available nearby destination for save time , save energy , more convenience and more comfortable.

6) Pochana is an online marketplace that matches businesses that need catering with caterers who also need business.

7) Potioneer is a platform that makes exclusive dining and drinking events widely available to the people who pursue such exclusivity. It can also significantly improve a ticket channel for the hosts.

8) SNEAK is a visual-based trip planning application that could turn photos of your dream destinations into ultimate itineraries complete with maps and navigation in minutes.