Showcasing ImpacTech @ AVPN Annual Conference

24 MAY 2016

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Yoav Elgrichi, Co-Founder of ImpacTech is helping one of ImpacTech startups, Hapticus, to raise funds in front of Impact Investors at the AVPN Annual Conference in Hong Kong (May 2016).

The AVPN Annual Conference took place at the HK PolyTechnic and introduced:

  • 130 Speakers from all over the world!
  • 5 Keynotes
  • 4 Plenaries discussing: Social Innovation and Sustainable Livelihoods, Multi-sector Collaboration on the Road to Nationhood, Effective Capacity Building and Nextgen and Venture Philanthropy.
  • 14 Breakouts ranging from topics such as digital transformation all the way to impact assesment.
  • 5 Investment Showcase Sessions expanding to 30 organisations.
  • 7 Country Sessions representing Hong Kong, Philippines, Indonesia, Taiwan, Malaysia India and China .

ImpacTech has great startups participating in our acceleration program. One of ImpacTech tasks is to ensure the startups are Impact Investment ready, and to ensure that they showcase their startup in front of the right investors that can evaluate and appreciate the business potential of the startups, as well as the impact that they create on the society.
Hapticus is a great example to a startup which acts like the “Uber” platform for disabled people, already improving lives of thousands of disabled people in Singapore.
We, in ImpacTech, help Hapticus raise funds and expand regionally to improve the mobility of many more disabled people.