ImpacTech – Shell #IdeaRefinery Cohort Demo Day

ImpacTech – Shell #IdeaRefinery Startups Graduated

Impactech showcased it’s 5 selected startups from the Shell #IdeaRefinery program at the ‘Shell Make the Future Singapore 2018’ festival. Over 500 people witnessed the great innovations of the 5 startups and many potential partnerships and investment opportunities await for the startups. The real journey is only now beginning..

Thank you Shell for choosing Impactech to run the Shell #IdeaRefinery program and for the opportunity to work with such great startups!

The 5 startups are:

Solarite – Solarite can increase output by between 30-55%, increase efficiency and improve solar cell life span. Solarite is also guaranteed eco-friendly and more affordable than regular solar panels.

Xnergy – Xnergy, a power provider for the E-mobility sector, might soon pave the way for wireless charging of your electric vehicles. Eco-friendly, convenient to use and low maintenance are just some of the many characteristics of Xnergy’s wireless charging technology

Energy Nova – Need your drones to stay in the air long enough to complete a task? You will be able to do so with EnergyNova’s H2Batt. H2Batt is a hydrogen based battery by EnergyNova, a high technology company from Singapore.

billionBricks – billionBricks is a non-profit design studio innovating shelter solutions to end homelessness in the world. Using design as their primary tool, billionBricks creates homes for the millions of homeless that will not only give shelter to many, but are also energy self-sufficient.

Tripledot –  Tripledot realised that the utility services available today are manual in process and largely inefficient, which results in costs being passed on to consumers. As a result, Tripledot hopes to simplify the utility process by providing data of your utility usage to not just you, but also Power Generation Companies