ImpacTech at Echelon Thailand

On May 16th, Yoav Elgrichi, ImpacTech co-founder will speak in Echelon Thailand 2017, to discuss how technology can both have social impact and be profitable.

Technology has not only changed our way of life but has also been, for the most part, profitable for the businesses engaging in it. Because of technological advancements, companies become more efficient and more productive. Technology has also been used as tools to create solutions for social issues. However, there is still the popular notion that developing digital technology for purposes of solving these social issues is simply an act of charity – necessary in the overall scheme of things but not really profitable.

Join Yoav Elgrichi, co-founder of ImpacTech, as he talks about the role of digital technology in addressing social needs at Echelon Thailand 2017. Get insight on how innovations developed to support social causes can still be profitable, and learn from the social-tech booster what makes for a profitable social-tech startup.